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Path of the White Wolf: An Introduction to the Shaman's Way
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Path of the White Wolf: An Introduction to the Shaman's Way

Robin Youngblood, Sandra D'Entremont

Wolf Medicine is that of the teacher, the pathfinder, and the mentor. Through teachings and practices held sacred by indigenous cultures for thousands of years, Path of the White Wolf takes the reader on a nine-month Shamanic Journey of renewal and rebirth around the Seven Sacred Directions of the Universal Medicine Wheel.

In todays modern world, many of us are yearning for connection and satisfaction in work, relationships, and spirituality. In Path of the White Wolf, co-authors Robin Tekwelus Youngblood and Sandy D Entremont combine traditional native teachings with contemporary shamanic practices to guide readers through a journey to spiritual understanding. Using simple rituals, meditations on the included CD, and a series of thought-provoking exercises, Path of the White Wolf teaches the reader how to develop their own individual connection to the world around them and a renewed sense of purpose and meaning in their daily lives.

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